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Properties of cinnamon

Cinnamon has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Inhibits them growth and proliferation. Besides it's an important food preserver thanks to its anti-oxidant properties.

University of Hong Kong, CHINA.

Smelling cinnamon improves the cognitive brain activity and the memory.

University of Wheeling Jesuit, USA US Department of Agriculture

Cinnamon is insect repellent. (ants, mosquitoes, dust mites...)

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, ISRAEL

It has beneficial effects against Diabetes (type II) and cholesterol besides to help the cancer prevention.

University of Georgia, USA University of Toyama, JAPAN US Department of Agriculture

Effective as anti-inflammatory and analgesic improving the blood circulation, arthritis ...

The Food Science and Biotechnology, Kosfot, KOREA

Effective against caries, dental plaque and periodontitis.

University of Amity, INDIA

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